Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Celebreties Who Wear Hair Extension

Hair extension is now such a fad that that even celebrities wear it. It is so popular that stars like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton have decided to share their hair beauty secret with the whole world and pioneered their own line of Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Jessica and stylist cum best friend Ken Pav├ęs launched a line of hair extensions and wigs which transforms the pop star's short brown hair to her trademark waist-length blond curls.

Jessica and her different hairdo's. From her shocking short red hair during NCLR ALMA Awards in 2006 to luscious brown hair and her trademark blond tresses.

Jessica Simpson without hair extensions - flat, thin shoulder length hair.
Jessica Simpson with Hair Extensions- Feminine & Sexy

Paris Hilton and her line of Hair Extensions

Paris is often seen with her long curly hair as well as her bob hair.

Other celebrities who wear hair extensions


Megan Fox

Lady Gaga

Just to name a few.........

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Choosing the right clip-on hair extensions

Step 1:

Choosing hair colour

Matching the colour of the hair extension to your hair is very ESSENTIAL so that it looks natural. However, it doesn't matter if you are not sure whether your hair colour matches the hair extension. Most likely, it won't, as there are too many shades of brown available. Choose the colour that is the CLOSES to your real hair colour.

Just keep in mind that you are choosing a colour that you want your hair to look like. You can dye either your own hair or the hair extension to make it match the other later. You can also dye both.

Remember you want to look as if the hair extensions belongs to your real hair. Therefore, having matching colours is crucial.

Step 2:
How much hair extensions do i need?

If you have:

a) long, thin hair-
Chooose 3 pieces of 'Glamorous' hair extension or 1 piece of 'Glamorous' hair extension and 2 pieces of voluminous hair extension. If you want lots of volume, it is recommended to choose 4 pieces of glamorous hair extension.

b) middle length hair
Choose 4 pieces of glamorous hair extension.

c) short hair
Choose the Hollywood hair extension set or 5 pieces of glamorous hair extension.

Now you're ready to rumble, head on down to our order form and fill out the details. For more info, email us at hairextensionshop@hotmail.com and we'll try to help you with your dilemma.